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Tools recommended for green screen filming when you're starting out:


  • For lighting, I recommend 2 soft box light stands to put on each side of the green screen and only lighting the green screen. To light the talent on a budget, get 2 to 4 clamp lights, or if you can fit it in your budget, get 2 LED lights instead. It just depends on how much lighting coverage you want on the talent.

  • If using the clamp lights, don't forget to check out the links below to build really cheap light stands with PVC pipes

  • Also, for the light clamps, you’ll need to add a filter to soften the lights. Get the plastic white table cloth from any dollar store.

  • Light bulbs. Remember to stick with - as close as possible to - the  “daylight/indoor/1500 or 1600 brightness or lumens. The ones I use are 100w. The key thing to remember is the “Daylight/Indoor and as high as, or close to, 1600. The quantity of the bulbs you will need depends on how many lighting devices you’ll end up using.


  • For the teleprompter, I recommend to start with uploading scripts to a free prompter program, especially if you’re using your smart device for filming.


  • For audio, I use a lavalier mic. Remember to film where there is minimal to no noise of course. Another option is to have them ear buds with mic in them already and film away.


  • Finally, the camera. Today’s smart phones have amazing camera quality lenses fortunately. If you have the budget, upgrade to a DSLR camera and see links below for recommendations.

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