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Hi, I'm Kini!

I am a top rated video spokesperson: An on-camera presenter that promotes products, services, websites and social media. I have a combined 20+ years being on-camera, broadcast journalism, digital marketing, and video editing/producing. This is my side-hustle, so I greatly appreciate your support. Take a look around. For any questions, please fill out my Contact Kini form. 

Need A Video Spokesperson?

I'm a top-rated video spokesperson for hire. I offer a variety of video formats in 1080p HD. See below and View Samples. We can also provide final videos in the following sizes:

  • Landscape 1920x1080

  • Portrait 1080x1920

  • Square 1080x1080 or 1:1 ratio

  • Customized Sizes available upon requests

My News Lady


From breaking news to birthday well wishes, My News Lady delivers a polished presentation. If your local news station isn't going to cover it, Kini will!



Puppet & Female

Want funny and a little raunchy? 

Book Kini and Edward the lizard (or is it a frog). We don't mind a little risky with the scripts, but be sure to clear it with Kini :) 

The Video Twins

Twice the fun! Let

The Video Twins a do the talking with their range of acting. They can be sassy, sexy, and professional! 



Green Screen Kini

We also offer green screen if you want total creative/editing control. 


The Professional

With our Professional package, we have two choices: Standard and Premium. But ask nicely and we might throw in the works.


The Interview

Video Marketing can be presented in a variety of ways. A stand out format is the news-style interview. If your local news station isn't going to cover your product roll out, brand, company announcement ... we'll do it!



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